The RIMS Monetary Network can be described as a Truly Decentralized Democratic Network owned and operated by its token holders and Master Minters. RIMS is a Next-gen Fintech operation that is looking to change the way financial industry works. The tokens are backed by Gold. The products and services are aimed at the distribution of wealth through mass adoption.

At RIMS, the RIMS-B tokens are backed by both Gold and equity of the company. Based on the volume of bullion Assets in circulation, the token value may go up with the value of P2P lending and mass adoption of other products and services. At RIMS, the token is backed by real assets. In fact, this is a daring difference from other cryptocurrencies.

The current monetary systems are highly influenced by Central Bank policies which may favor some and may not favor others. However, at RIMS, we are redefining the Ancient Gold Standard Monetary System and it is managed by RIMS protocols. These protocols are purely operated by blockchain consensus through voting without any bias. The RIMS Network is a transparent and highly decentralized democratic system. That is why it is called a Truly Decentralized Democracy.

RIMS stands for ‘Reserve for Investment and Minting Service’. The RIMS Network is a nonprofit foundation, which will act as a custodian for its tokens and bullion assets. The RIMS Network is owned and managed by investors or Pay Minters (PMs) who invest and mint RIMS-B tokens. On the other hand, Master Minters (MMs) add value to the network by minting Digital Bullion Currencies and manage the blocks. The MMs are RIMS-M token holders and they acquire tokens by virtue of their service whereas the Pay Minters acquire tokens by virtue of their investments. Both RIMS-B Token holders (PMs) and RIMS-M token holders (MMs) jointly manage the RIMS Monetary Network. However, their contribution is not by compulsion and it is only based on their interests.

RIMS is a truly Decentralized Democratic Network with no central authority controlling or dictating its operations and benefits for the members. The truly democratic user control system will operate as per the network based on policies which are created in adherence to the law of the network. Moreover, this disruptive technology will set a new trend in the Fintech Industry. Therefore, the system that holds the reserve of the network is called RIMS Monetary Network.

Pay Minters are the ones who want to participate in the network operations and opt to be a part of the operation systems. Their entry designation depends on the number of tokens they hold. Besides, they must go through regular screening processes that are common for everyone. The committee should approve each member’s participation too.

The Master Minters’ designation depends on the size of the blocks created and managed with the size of the wealth attached to the blocks. Besides, it also depends on the meeting of the regular entry requirements posted for different positions.

At the RIMS Monetary Network, the token code is RMS and it is called RIMS Tokens or Coins. Internally, RIMS is divided into RIMS-B and RIMS-M. The RIMS-B tokens are mint by the pay minters who pay and mint each token while the RIMS-M tokens are self-minted by Master Minters who mint the digital currencies in the network.

Both RIMS-B Token holders (pay minters or investors) and RIMS-M token holders (Master Minters) jointly own and operate the system.

Technically, the RIMS-B token holders are investors who direct the network operations. Furthermore, the RIMS-M token holders work for RIMS-B token holders. However, both RIMS-B and RIMS-M are on par when it comes to the value of the token. The common name is RIMS Token or Coin.

The RIMS-B or RIMS Bullion token is generally associated with Gold.

RIMS-M stands for RIMS Master Minter tokens. The RIMS-M token is issued for Master Minters who create and manage blocks.

At RIMS, the RIMS Protocols will start in helping your gold make money through the RIMS-B P2P lending network. This will eventually produce a spin-off flow.

The main objective of the unique RIMS blockchain protocols and technology is to create a revolutionary and Truly Decentralized Democratic Monetary System. It will be run by its own users through a consensus of adopting the laws of the land where it is operating.

The RIMS system is a legal and legit system as it follows a 100% law in the operating countries. The Digital Assets are fully audited and certified by renowned world leading audit firms. The holders of the RIMS-B tokens can avail such certifications periodically. Therefore, this system is fully in compliance with the law of the land. Therefore, its underlying gold guarantees are verifiable.

The value of the tokens will go up based on three main factors:

  • Price of the Bullion
  • Total Circulating Digital Bullion Currency in the Network
  • Total Circulating Digital Bullion Currency in the Network (XAU-GoldO, XAG –SilvO, and XPT- PlatO)
  • Volume of the RIMS-B P2P Lending Network
  • Value of other products and services, especially the White Label solutions

The main services offered by the RIMS Monetary Network include the RIMS-B P2P Lending Network, White Label solutions for Banks and financial institutions that allow co-branding of Digital Bullion Currencies , and White label solutions for community lenders and pawnbroking with the aim of “Bring Your Own Community” Programme, White Label Solutions for small and island economics to build gold reserves for governments and companies of any size, building your gold reserves, tokenizing your jewellery and GoldO franchise stores, and securing your kid’s future with a gold saving E- Pigee Bank.

The main products of RIMS are Digital Bullion Currencies which include XAU - GoldO - Digital Gold Currency (DGC), XAG – SilvO Digital Silver Currency and XPT – PlatO - Digital Platinum Currency. The major products also include the blockchain based International smart debit /credit cards.

The RIMS uses a truly disruptive technology that aims at creating a truly asset-backed Decentralized Democratic Monetary Network where the products and services are 100% backed by gold and other bullion. The Network will create an opportunity for both investors and hardworking honest individuals who deserve a better future. Investors can relax, make decisions and supervise how your investments will work and enjoy token value appreciation.

The proof of stack is obtained by adding wealth to the next block in the RIMS network. Every block created in the network will have basic wealth attached through Pay Minters or Physical Bullion backed Digital Currencies

The RIMS Token is the cryptocurrency of RIMS Monetary Network. On the other hand, the Digital Bullion Currencies are Digital Currencies backed by 100% Physical Bullion such as GoldO-XAU’s, SilvO-XAG’s and PlatO-XPT’s. These are also the various Digital Products and are backed by the Physical Bullion Assets at the RIMS Monetary Network.

The Pay Minters will get RIMS Tokens attached with gold assets that are internally called RIMS-B token. In the first year, almost 200% assured bonus for RIMS-B tokens will be issued. Moreover, the Pay Minters can elect to convert their RIMS-B token as GoldO that will be equivalent to the face value and be a part of the RIM-B P2P Lending Network for producing revenue. Therefore, they will be making 200 % appreciation in the first year.

At the end of the year or start of the operations, RIMS-B Token will yield bonus RIMS Tokens. The original one, i.e. RIMS-B token will be converted to 1 gram of GoldO.

Therefore, assured 200% yield is there at the end of the first year.

Market appreciation is not included. Every 40 dollars – at the end of the first year – Bonus token 40 Dollar Goldo 40 – Appreciation 80 dollars.The RIMS token appreciation not included Gold Market increase not included. Predictions for gold poised for the big leap that is not included.

The RIMS token appreciation not included Gold Market increase not included. Predictions for gold poised for the big leap that is not included.

Total Number of tokens -100 Million RIMS-B tokens for Pay Minters - 70 Million @ $ 40 RIMS-M Tokens for Master Minters - 30 Million Each Master Minters / Block Advisers or (Graduated to Block Managers through online credit Qualifying program) Should Manage 100 member Community Block.

Total Number of tokens 1 B, RIMS-B,700 M and RIMS-M,300, to be kept in the Reserve, any future release will be based on the network consensus.

No, the value of each RIMS-B and RIMS-M tokens depends on total digital currencies in circulations, RIMS Network aim is to cover 4 Billion people in the world in the next 5 years. Therefore the higher the token circulation the network value will increase and coin price will go up. It is important that the RIMS Monetary Network is established and P2P Lending is activated. Democratic process will be employed to determine the token sale. until the next batch is approved the token will be held at the reserve.

No, only RIMS-B can be converted into GoldO at the end of the first year with 100% RIMS token bonus. This RIMS token continues to be in the network as RIMS and traded as RIMS.

RIMS token is the cryptocurrency of RIMS network traded through all the major crypto exchanges.

GoldO is a Digital Gold Currency backed by 100% 99.99% Physical Gold traded through Digital Bullion Exchanges.

There are major 3 currencies:

  • XAU – Digital Gold Currency called GoldO
  • XAG – Digital Silver Currency called SilvO
  • XPT – Digital Platinum Currency called PlatO

The currency will follow the ISO standard Currency System.

  • I XAU; 31.1034768 grams of Gold
  • 1 XAG; 31.1034768 grams of Silver
  • 1 XPT; 31.1034768 grams of Platinum

One token

1 gram

Through easily liquidable International Smart Debit Cards, this card will work through major networks.

Yes, there are different locking periods for RIMS-B and RIMS-M tokens. These are as follows:

  • RIMS-B: Locking period is for the initial one year or at the start of the initial operations. After the first-year bonus, one token can be converted to 1 GoldO Unit.
  • RIMS-M: These tokens will be issued to Master Ministers after the initial 100 blocks become members of the network with a unique member ID. Tokens will be available for cash after 50 % become active users.

The holders of GoldO, SilvO, PlatO, other investors, lenders, and community lenders are the ones who participate in the RIMS-B P2P Lending Network and are the members for providing a loan.

There are two category members.

  • Lenders: Any members who want to be secured and want to have zero possibility of loan failure.
  • Borrowers: RIMS-B token Holders or holders of the GoldO, Silv-O, and Plat-O or Jewelry token holders.

The interest rate, incentive structure, Master Minter incentives, Block Managers, District Managers, State Governors and Country Governors Revenue Model will be approved by the responsible board from time to time based on the policies of RIMS Network.

The total bullion assets in the Network and the value of P2P lending Network with the value of the other products and services will generate revenue in the Network.

No, it is not possible for anyone to steal the tokens/coins because each digital token is secured by a physical asset and the digital asset carries a unique identifier number. If there is an issue with the digital assets, it can be tracked to physical assets with a unique identifier code and tokens and digital currencies will be reissued. This is applicable to both tokens and digital currencies.

Please refer to the Token Issue track.

Yes. Certainly. You can use either iPhone or Android phone for trading.

The RIMS tokens are traded on the major Crypto Exchanges.

The GoldO, SilvO, and PlatO are traded on the digital Gold trading platforms and on RIMS’ own digital currency exchange platform which is called RIMS-X.

The RIMS network uses public blockchain.

Yes. RIMS protocols are forks of another coin called ERC20.

The block size is 100 in number with active users.

The RIMS-B Tokens are built on ERC-20 Protocol of the Ethereum Blockchain. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is a distributed public blockchain network.

While the Bitcoin is to track ownership of digital currency (bitcoins), the Ethereum blockchain is focused on running the programming code of any decentralized application.

The Advantage Ethereum has over centralized data centers is that it is Immutable i.e. third party cannot make any changes to data.

This ensures the data stored are corruption & tamper proof and with no central point of failure which is secured using cryptographic techniques. Tokens are developed to provent hacking attacks and fraudulent activities and would have zero downtime.

Anyone who is trading or investing in cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain needs an ERC20 token wallet. Having an ERC20 token wallet provides exchange flexibility, all while opening up an entire universe of dApps, smart contracts and other applications.

Some other features to consider are:

  • Future-proof compatibility
  • Support for other currencies
  • Multi-chain exchanges support
  • Access to DApps and smart contracts

The GoldO Pay is a unique international debit/credit card that will be issued to all the members. The members can apply.

GoldO is a Digital Gold Currency backed by 100% 99.99% Physical Gold traded through Digital Bullion Exchanges.

Members can apply. It will offer several services.

Investors can buy the tokens by clicking on the “Buy Tokens” button and register in our ICO Platform. After registration, you can buy tokens from our platform using cryptocurrencies or Fiat Currencies.